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Design is the expression, luxury is the purpose

Design is the expression, luxury is the purpose

We wanted to take a fresh look at the world of luxury, to make it tangible

Fabio Arcaini

SM LIVING COUTURE is one of the most renowned companies in the luxury living and furnishing sector. Founded by Gianpiero Pansitta, and managed by Fabio Arcaini, it has always stood out for its great craftsmanship in the creation of upholstered furniture, adding a touch of freshness to its collections and its continuous research into new designs and production methods.

SM LIVING COUTURE is present on an international and national level, and is distinguished by its production capacity, which makes it the cornerstone of the brand, where each production process is carried out by the expert hands of skilled Italian craftsmen. We are present on the American market thanks to the expertise of our dealers, on the Asian and Russian markets.

In order to satisfy all the needs dictated by the market, from contract to custom-made, developing its own furniture collections, SM LIVING COUTURE is able to satisfy all the requirements also in the hospitality and retail sectors. This is how SM LIVING COUTURE was born, a young company with a decade of know-how in the production of high-end upholstered furniture.

From the desire to give a new look to the world of luxury, making it more tangible, the first three collections were born.

Couture, whose formal and material references are extrapolated from the glittering fashion scene. Here, hand-woven leather, portoro marble and metals with a golden finish dominate the richness of this collection.

The Diamond, with its reference to the most precious stone, is full of character and facets. The capitonné work on the back of sofas and armchairs gives a more classic touch, a tribute to the craftsmanship of the past, which characterised the world of upholstery.

Last but not least, Hoffman, more contemporary and versatile, thanks to its modular seating systems, lends itself to fitting into both large spaces and smaller settings. A collection in step with our times, where the purity of Canaletto walnut wood, magically combined with smoked glass and marble in shades of grey, characterise the timeless forms of this timeless and dynamic line.

Materials linked to tradition and refinement, velvets and metals, shaped to give life to new iconic pieces, woods and stones, to accommodate new functions, are just some of the cornerstones on which our research is based.

For 2020 SM LIVING COUTURE, needs to present a new collection. ‘Supernova’ designed by Fabio Arcaini, Designer and Art Director of the brand, geometric shapes, with a strong impact, will characterize the new set of products that will be presented at the Order of Architects of Milan during the Salone del Mobile 2020. A glance towards the future and the new panoramas of design.