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Loredana Trestin

Loredana Trestin

Resilience, tenacity and love, three characteristics that characterise Loredana’s character and have influenced her life’s choices.

Getting this far doesn’t mean I feel fully satisfied with what I’ve built and stop to contemplate my work, quite the opposite in fact, the desire to put myself out there again and again is still there, despite being otherwise young.

How did you get through this complicated period?

The meaning of resilience inherent in a material is to have the ability to absorb a shock without breaking. During my journey, like many others of course, I managed to assimilate and react despite my conflicts, contrasts and collisions, trying to treasure the experience, transforming negativity into greater strength to move forward with tenacity.

How do you experience professional ‘love’?

Professionally, I have always lived love and I still live it at 360°, love for art, beauty, elegance, love of sharing my passion for my work with others.

But what exactly does Loredana Trestin do?

Over the years I have held a variety of roles in the field of art: gallery owner, curator, art director, organiser of cultural events, and as a woman who is curious about the different aspects of my profession, I have chosen different working challenges in which I have believed from the outset, collaborating not only with people and structures dedicated mainly to art, but also with companies that have used “it” to convey creations of applied art into the commercial world. Hence the desire to combine design and art at a high level, yes, high level because my users belong to an extremely demanding target, where details, quality and uniqueness make the difference.

What are your showrooms like and what areas are you involved in?

In my showrooms you can admire products that have been designed at a sartorial level for the customer, nothing is repeatable, the object itself becomes a work of art, and for this I work with some internationally recognised artists with whom we have created creations presented in museums. For me and my staff, the world of sport has also been an area in which we have worked, proposing graphics in very limited editions; sports champions have used our creativity and expertise. I was born in Genoa, I love my city and I love the sea, so it was easy for me to approach the nautical world where, thanks to the collaboration of an “artisan artist”, we offer furnishing accessories for yachts, creations designed according to the existing spaces in which not only the concept is unique but the materials used can be of great value such as mother-of-pearl, gold and silver, precious woods, inlays and much more.

Where can people find you today and what do you offer?

In my exhibition space, on the piano nobile of a palazzo dei Rolli in Genoa, visitors are involved not only by the artistic beauty of a frescoed ceiling, but…. by the originality of the companies I propose with their products, which I treat, being first and foremost a curator, as true works of art. I like discovering and collaborating with new companies that believe in my project. Italy is full of designers who could link their name to art, just as I propose the artists I work with to companies with certain requirements.

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Source ©Fashion Life Magazine

Author ©Marco Sutter