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Project Division

SM Living Couture, enters the world of Contract, totally dedicated to turnkey.

Building on its experience gained in the past and transferred to the new brand, where thanks to the support of designers who collaborate with the brand, it is able to meet the different needs dictated by the market.

The particularity of the design, and the continuous research in the study of finishes, and the great capacity of design support, characterize the brand in terms of quality and passion.


Our products are distinguished by luxurious and contemporary lines that incorporate the fundamental concepts of good design, uniqueness, attention to detail and unmistakable comfort.

SM Living Couture products are the study of an ongoing quest for perfection, thanks to skilled craftsmen who bring their know-how to the creation of timeless furnishings.

Custom Made

SM Living Couture, is able to offer a wide range of solutions that can satisfy professionals in the field.

Flexibility, a cornerstone of the brand, allows us to customize any product in the SM Living Couture lines. We address an international audience, and able to work on small and large scale projects, customizing any solution.

We believe that the search for perfection in terms of quality and the passion that distinguishes us, represent the first real steps towards Excellence.


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